noun (Spanish)

a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially be-tween countries or organizations.

Alianza Consultants LLP is a Mumbai based HR Consultancy Firm catering HR ser-vices to our Clients but across India.

Alianza Consultants is dedicated to deliver customised Human Resources solutions at every level of Organization. We at Alianza, everytime go an extra mile to serve our Clients HR needs through our self made techniques and solutions.

In short, Alianza Consultants LLP is dedicated to delivering human resources solu-tions at every level (from Junior, Mid to Senior and C-Level Executives). This in-cludes successful placements for every type and size of client organisation by sourc-ing candidates at all levels of seniority.

We at Alianza identify true talent and place our candidates accordingly.

We Focus to Provide an Outstanding Services to our Candidates.

We Value our candidates and each candidate is treated as a member of our kin with complete respect and dignity. With our Values, Services and Ethics we have been so far not just been able to satis-fy our candidates but earn loyal Clients and built long term relationships.

We Innovate and Proactively develop solutions for the future by looking ahead and we consistently adopt to ever changing Indian Business environment by looking in the moment. Understanding our candidates potential, career aspirations and realities, enable us to advance their careers effectively.

Alianza Consultants is the dependable source for those who are looking for any and every requirements that may arise in the field of Human Resources.

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